Home Filter Info U.F. Ceramic System

Using a step-by-step filtering per stoma, this filter effectively
eliminates various foreign bodies that come from the services
water pipe such as bits of rust and also protects the R/O

By adsorbing/eliminating any remaining chlorine and other organic chemicals from the water.
This filter gets rid of unpleasant smell from water and enhance water flavor.

There is no claim by the decline and unpleasant taste of water
of filtration system that is exposed the phenomenon that hollow
fiber is cut.

Because the rate of porosity(filtration area) of ceramic filter is
high, the water flow is rich.

U.F. Ceramic Filter help to improve the taste of water because
the water is purified via ceramics inside surface.

Transparency case is safe and strong due to being made by
Polycarbonate(P.C.), and the customer can confirm replacement
time directly with the eyes.

There is an opacity case for U.F. Ceramic Filter.

Please use Pressure Regulator valve because water pressure
zooms at night.