Home Filter Info Reverse Osmosis System

Using a step-by-step filtering per stoma, this filter effectively eliminates various foreign bodies that come from the services water pipe such as bits of rust and also protects the R/O Membrane.

By adsorbing/eliminating any remaining chlorine and other organic chemicals from the water.
This filter gets rid of unpleasant smell from water and enhance water flavor.

A thin membrane composed of tine stomatal, this filter flowlessly filters out microorganism, virus heavy metals, inorganic, materials, and radioactive pollutants but lets only pure water, dissolved oxygen, and small amounts to pass through.

   * Caution : If you are in low pressure area, you should install the booster pump to R/O System.
  (It's R/O S ystem+Pump : SedimentíŠBooster PumpíŠPre-CarboníŠR/O MembraneíŠPost-Carbon)